Former Panthers In The News

Pitt has a couple of former players, who will be in the Super Bowl - former safety Darnell Dinkins (now a TE with the Saints) and former standout LB Clint Session.

Both took decidedly different paths to get there.

While Session was a fourth-round draft pick, landed an NFL job right out of college, and is a big contributor as a starter for the Colts, Dinkins had a longer struggle breaking into the league:
So Dinkins married Shayla, his high school sweetheart, and they started a family. He didn't let pride keep him from providing for his wife and three children — Kayla, 10, Khalil, 7, and Kolin, 6 — so he worked odd jobs such as cleaning carpets and serving as a juvenile probation officer while lifting weights at midnight. Dinkins turned to his faith, leaning on advice from his big brother, Rob Thornton, and his pastors, the Rev. Neville and Connie Brooks, of Jubilee International Ministries in Plum.
Dinkins then got a break -
Finally, the semi-pro stint opened a door to the NFL for Dinkins, whose desire impressed a young offensive coordinator named Sean Payton at the New York Giants' training camp. Payton suggested Dinkins switch to tight end and play special teams, and the move earned him a roster spot.
He's since parlayed that opportunity into playing for the Giants, Ravens, and Browns before joining the Saints this year. I'd definitely recommend reading the entire article - he seems like an unbelievable guy.

On the career achievement level, Pitt also has two more inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame with the news that former Panthers Russ Grimm and Rickey Jackson both got in. This brings Pitt's total of Hall of Famers to six - good for a tie for 7th all-time among colleges. Pretty impressive.

Jackson apparently got the news from the media even before the HOF. And Grimm was another one of those guys who hung around on the ballot and finally got in.

I always figured Jackson would get in, but wasn't sure about Grimm. Jackson's 128 sacks were good enough for 10th all-time and those are quantifiable numbers easier to meausre than 'stats' you can put together for an offensive lineman. Congrats to both.

Next up could be Curtis Martin, who will get a look next year in his first year eligible, or Chris Doleman (finalist this year).

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