Greentree Basketball Summer League Wraps Up

With the Greentree Basketball Summer League wrapping up this past week, I thought it was a good time to take a look back.  During the mid-point of the season, I took a look at some statistics that were out there courtesy of Rivals and Scout.  Before I provide some year-end stats, I'll again throw out the same disclaimer.  These numbers were gathered by both sites.  I've used Rivals' numbers and filled in blanks with Scout's.  However, be aware that the two sites even differed on stats for the same games.  So everything isn't completely accurate.  That said, I've filled these in the best I could and this is what I came up with:

Gil Brown - 23.6 ppg
J.J. Richardson - 10.8 ppg / 8.6 rpg
Ashton Gibbs - 22.5 ppg
J.J. Moore - 17 ppg / 5.4 rpg
Travon Woodall - 16.1 ppg / 5.0 apg
Cameron Wright - 10.9 ppg
Brad Wanamaker - 15.6 ppg / 5.7 rpg
Nasir Robinson - 11.9 ppg / 4.9 rpg (these may be incomplete)
Gary McGhee - 17.4 ppg / 10.9 rpg
Dante Taylor - 16.7 ppg / 10.9 rpg
Lamar Patterson - 15.1 ppg
Talib Zanna - 13.5 ppg / 10.8 rpg

Ashton Gibbs took home league MVP honors and he joined McGhee, Brown, and Richardson on the first team. Patterson, Moore, and Zanna landed on the second team.

You may be thinking the same thing I am - how in the heck did Taylor not land on the first or second team?  Beats me.  I'm sure they want to try to spread out the school and maybe even position representation around a bit, but I'm surprised they couldn't find a spot for him over even Zanna or Patterson.  But as I said, these numbers are almost assuredly not completely accurate, so who knows.

I'm really excited to see what Jamie Dixon does with J.J. Moore this year.  Pitt is a veteran team this season and has lots of guys that could see minutes.  But based on his summer league performance, it looks like it may be difficult to redshirt him...especially because he's a scorer - and Pitt sorely needs some of those at various points in the season.

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