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Reader BobPurkey34 checks in with Pitt football coaching candidates

A few notes as we continue to play "Find the Next Pitt Head Coach", Part II, along with a couple burning questions.

First off, who's out of the search? Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati Bengals), Al Golden (Miami), Frank Cignetti (Rutgers), Dana Holgorsen (WVU) and almost surely Brady Hoke (Michigan).

So who is left as options?

  • Mike Leach. The Dread Pirate was not hired by Maryland and remains on the market, but it seems unlikely that Pitt could match his financial demands. Plus, like Holgorsen, Leach would require a total transformation of the offense and while he would more than likely fill seats, there's almost a 0% chance Pedersen would interview another guy carrying baggage.
  • Staying on the same spread offense path, why not K.C. Keeler? The current Delaware coach runs a very similar type offense to Leach and Holgorsen, would come far cheaper and without the baggage. He also has a record of success, although in the FCS and he's about to send a second quarterback to the NFL. Only downside here is that he's signed at Delaware until 2017.
  • Todd Graham of Tulsa has guided some high-powered offenses in the past, has a reported interest and would also come far cheaper than Leach.
  • Would Pedersen actually consider....Rich Rodriguez?!? After a less than successful three-year stint at UM, Rich Rod was rightly fired from his position following the biggest bowl loss in school history. However, the former WVU boss does have a proven record of success in the Big East and would be Pitt's way to combat the Holgorsen-led Mountaineers offense. Mark May even went so far as to endorse Rodriguez on ESPN College Game Day, saying that Pedersen should "pick up the phone right now, call Rodriguez and hire him within 24 hours" 
  • Finally, the obvious and always present Tom Bradley, arguably the best choice that could be made. He's been recommended to Pedersen by two of the greatest names in Pennsylvania football, Joe Paterno and Dan Rooney, although unbelievably, still has not had an interview yet. Hopefully that changes soon enough.

Five names out there, and surely more will be considered as it's not just Pedersen conducting the process now. 

A few burning questions here to finish.


1. If you were Steve Pedersen, would you seriously consider Rich Rodriguez?

2. Would you rather have an offensive mind or defensive mind be the next head coach?

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