Previewing ... Wofford?

This is a different Wofford team than the one that made the NCAAs last year (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

A few years ago, Pitt got a scare at home from Wofford. But these teams are completely different, obviously, so what should Pitt look for in tonight's game?

The Terriers were the second-best team in the Southern Conference, behind only Davidson. As bad a year that Pitt had, against better competition, they've scored more points, shot at a higher percentage, and rebounded better.

Wofford won on the road at Wake Forest, but the Demon Deacons were only 13-18 this season. Other notable games for the Terriers included a 13-point loss on the road at Georgia, a 36-point whopping at Wisconsin, a 12-point loss to a terrible South Carolina team, and a 22-point defeat at the hands of Davidson.

All of this aside, there's one huge thing that stands out to me and makes me think Wofford has no chance to win this game.

When you look at Wofford's road efforts, they were a reasonable 7-9 away from home this year. But only one of those wins came against a team with a winning record (College of Charleston). At 11-7, Pitt was far from automatic at home this year. Still, I like those odds over a team that beat one team over .500 on the road this season.

So here it is - I don't see Pitt losing this game. I've gone back and forth about what kind of Pitt team I expect to show up in this tournament. While I'm still not sure where I come out on that, I do think playing at home against a very average team will result in a win. Pitt can still win with a subpar effort if they get enough breaks, but Wofford will need to play one of their best games of the year.

And I don't see that happening. I'll say something in the neighborhood of Pitt 72, Wofford 59.

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