Featured Fanpost: A look at Dixon's Individual Players

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One person's view of our personnel on our men's BB team:

With Zanna, Patterson and Robinson, we have three players that are solid and have the potential to be outstanding.

I was watching the replay of the SRU game and, Talib Zanna is not doing a consistent job of finishing on his post-ups. If he gets this, and continues his solid play through the course of the season, he could have an outstanding year.

James Robinson, as Anson has noted here on this site, just has a problem with his scoring. He has hit the big shots but his in-game scoring needs improvement, maybe to the tune of 10-12 PPG total. If he gets this he also could have an outstanding year as he does everything else you could ask of a PG.

Lamar Patterson, just needs to show more leadership and instead of passing up on open shots, drilling them. Last couple of years he looked sluggish early on but not so this year. So, he could indeed be heading for an outstanding year.

After these three, the two returning non-starters from last year, Wright and Johnson, are not quite as solid but could have outstanding years as well.

Cam Wright, the much maligned Cam Wright, looked like he was making a 'Great Leap Forward' in the two B/G games and in the SRU game, but looked like his old self in the UCSD game. If he makes the GLF he will have an outstanding year. He may have trouble against teams that play good defense. We will see.

Durand Johnson's role, is major scorer coming off the bench. Dixon went with his planned rotation in the practices after the UCSD game and in the SRU game, and DJ is now coming into the game early spelling Wright, and then swinging over to spell Patterson. In the UCSD game he only took 3 shots, making 2, but in the SRU game he scored 21. This is what we need from Durand. If he is able to sustain this, maybe to the tune of 15 PPG, he should have an outstanding year. Like Wright, may have trouble with teams that play defense.

After these five, the only player that is solid is Derrick Randall, who will be spelling Zanna at C and will bring a physical presence, play defense, rebound, and score a bit.

The freshmen, are all shaky (e.g. not solid) to one degree or another. This is not unexpected. Hopefully getting a few real games under their belts will make a world of difference.

Mike Young is probably the most solid, but still shaky in some respects, like having foul trouble problems. He's a great prospect otherwise and should have a good year once he gets past these freshman hurdles.

Josh Newkirk, is a bit shakier than Young, like taking a bit too many shots, but should get past this after a few games.

Chris Jones, just needs to start putting in his shots, which he is hitting in practice. Right now his role is coming in if any of the perimeter players get in foul trouble or can't go, which means he should see time in most of the cupcake games.

Jamel Artis, is probably the most shaky of the freshmen right now. Did not score in either of the two exhibition games (he can score for sure, just needs to adapt), and fouled out after just 8 minutes in the SRU game. Probably gonna be a while before Jamel gets up to speed. But, he showed much better defense in the SRU game so if he can continue that, he can get the minutes he needs.

With the two freshmen at PF being shaky, Aron Nwankwo is probably gonna be seeing regular minutes at least for a while. Aron is fairly solid overall and can hit the 3-ball. Should be interesting having a walk-on get meaningful minutes.

Usually things are like this at this time of year and Dixon has even said it... Improvement needed!.. and it always seems that you get a bit of what you are looking for but mostly don't get it. We will have to see if this year is any different.

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