Will Agnus Berenato enter ACC with Pitt?

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We don't do much women's basketball here. When Pitt was making some NCAA tournament runs, it was a lot easier, to be fair. But in case you've missed it, the team isn't only struggling, but has been woeful for two years now.

It wasn't always that way under Berenato's reign, though. Things peaked in 2007-2009 when the team made two straight Sweet 16 appearances. But that was the high water mark and the program has gone downhill ever since.

In 2009-10, the team lost in the first round of the WNIT

In 2010, the program lost three players to transfers

In 2010-11, the team missed the postseason, going 14-17

In 2011-12, Pitt had one of their worst seasons in recent memory at 8-22

And this year? With one game to go, Pitt is 9-20.

What's worse is that when it comes to the conference season, the Panthers haven't even been able to bring home a win. Literally. In the past two seasons, the Panthers have laid a big ol' goose egg in Big East play. Even DePaul's men's team thinks that's bad.

Personally, I like Agnus. Never met her, but she really brought a lot of energy to the program. Not only that, but she had success here, taking a dormant program and getting them into the rankings for the better part of two seasons. But the fact that the program has had three straight bad years after reaching the postseason three times is tough to swallow. Berenato also has some excellent facilities and a world class student section that would get behind the program even more than it already has if they would simply win ... even a little.

There's a chance that Berenato won't be back next season. Where do I stand? I don't know. Despite the trouble on-court, Berenato has still recruited fairly well. In 2010, the program had a top 20 class. She duplicated the feat in 2011. I could understand either move, to be honest. If you forced my hand, I could be talked into giving her another year just to see what she could do with all of that talent. But time is running short for her.

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