Five things to watch in the Greentree Summer League

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

So, yesterday I gave the schedule and rosters for the Greentree Summer League. With that out of the way, what are some things to look for?

Here are five:

5. West Virginia ... yeah, that West Virginia: I know it's not Pitt-related, but you can watch all of West Virginia's players on two teams. The Mountaineers struggled last season and since so many of them are lumped together, you'll be able to get at least some feel of how they might be this season.

4. Chemistry between James Robinson and Talib Zanna: Robinson and Zanna are expected to be two of Pitt's leaders this season and they're both on team PGT together. They won't get to run the show as they will at Pitt since there are a team full of other players from other schools, but when they're on the court together, it will be interesting to see how they work together.

And as an aside, keep an eye on the shooting of James Robinson. At 37%, it needs to get better.

3. The veterans on the South Hills Audi team: It's always fun to watch guys come back and play after they've moved on from Pitt and the South Hills Audi team has at least four of them. Chevy Troutman, Ronald Ramon, John DeGroat, and Nick Rivers are all on the team and who knows who else could show up.

2. Lamar Patterson: With Tray Woodall, Dante Taylor, and Steven Adams gone from last season, Patterson needs to step up. That's even more true because the team is so new. Lots of new players will be not only playing, but filling big roles. Patterson needs to provide leadership and become the go to scorer he's capable of. The games won't be the true indicator of if Patterson has taken on that role - after all, he starred in the league last year and never quite provided the scoring punch expected. But if he plays well in Greentree, that could be the beginning of things to come.

1. The new guys: There's not a high-profile guy coming in like last year with Steven Adams, but there are a lot of new faces. Recruits Mike Young, Jamel Artis, and Josh Newkirk are the incoming freshmen and there's also transfer Derrick Randall. And don't forget about redshirt freshman Chris Jones. The games will give you a glimpse into Pitt's future.

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