Weekly ACC Roundup 7/19: G. Love Edition


I'm so sick of the offseason. I'm ready for football season to start. At least some practices. Media days are lame. I'm tired of hearing about the drinking habits of college kids. I'm ready for the real thing. In any case, it'll be here soon. Enjoy the links.

Boston College: BC still has a basketball team (who knew?). Here is their roster.

Clemson: Shakin' the Southland is talking about uniforms. This joke is too easy. However, I think Clemson is one of the most unique and classiest looking teams in the CFB.

Duke: Apparently nothing happened in Duke athletics this week. Nothing. Here's a topic: The Partridge Family, neither partridges nor a family. Talk amongst yourselves.

Florida State: The Noles have a new indoor practice facility. Ohhhh, shiny things!

Georgia Tech: No disgusting stories this week, just some notes leading into the 2013-14 football season.

Louisville Maryland: A must read preview for the upcoming Maryland football season.

Miami: State of the U makes predictions on the upcoming NCAA football season. This includes a prediction that Mark May and Lou Holtz will be removed from College Football Scoreboard. HOW DARE YOU TALK BAD ABOUT MARK MAY! HE IS A SAINT! (not really, he's kind of obnoxious).

NC State: Dave Doeren, new head football coach, practiced with the basketball team. Pretty entertaining. And he's wearing his Orange Bowl ring.

North Carolina: The 'Summer of PJ' continues.

Syracuse: Orange fans watching Texas fans talk themselves into the hire of Greg Robinson. Worth the read.

Virginia: The Hoos lost another defensive lineman from already thin squad.

Virginia Tech: Will Logan Thomas stop being terrible this season? Who knows, but if history serves us well, he'll play like the 2012 version against Pitt.

Wake Forest: The manager of Blogger So Dear is leaving for Sports Illustrated. Well la-dee-da.

Ok, now for the music, the thing I spend the most time on during these roundups. For this week, we've got G. Love (minus Special Sauce, plus the Avetts) with 'Fixin' to Die', a track I've been digging lately. Happy weekend to all.

(via G. Love Vevo)

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