Dixon's Inside Rotation

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Started to post this on one of the message boards but... there are so many *IDIOTS* over there I said 'Why bother?'. So, I am gonna give fanpost here a try. This is open to any and all comments anyone might have. -

We are not gonna know until November if Uchebo can go right then or not... and most are saying unlikely.

Then there is Randall... you never know but his stats from last year at Rutgers were not impressive.

And there seems to be little doubt, that Zanna and Young are gonna be our two stars inside.

People keep saying Zanna is gonna start at C and I would not be surprised if that happens but... in the past when Zanna has started at C he has not done too well. Some people disagree with me on this but IMO it is because he is just 230 and tends to get worn down more if starting at C... because he is up against bigger players than he would be if he is playing PF.

Also, when he is playing PF, Zanna seems to become invisible at times... not playing bad but not doing much.

Seems that Zanna is best when starting at PF and then swinging over to C later, like he did in the home game against Nova last year.

Then, in the last comments I heard on these two from Dixon, in the PG article, Dixon seemed to indicate that Zanna would play MORE time at C this year (and thus implied not ALL his time or even MOST of his time) and when asked about Young, just raved on how big Young was (and getting bigger). So, this would seem to indicate that Dixon is considering playing Young some, most or all of his time at C.

But, I am not sure Young would be best if playing C.

So, again assuming we are not gonna get anything from Uchebo or Randall re starting, the idea I came up with is, 'Why not let Zanna and Young SHARE the two positions?'. In other words, on defense have the bigger player, Young, play C, and Zanna play PF, while on offense have Zanna play C and Young play PF.

To me this would be great, as you would have the players in the right position for D, and then on O Young would have mismatches at PF due to his size, and Zanna would have mismatches at C due to his quickness.

So, what do you think? Good idea, bad idea or 'crazed' idea?

Also, has anyone ever heard of a coach doing something like this?

(Oh yeah, Randall would sub at C and Artis at PF... but we would be concentrating on our best two players, Zanna and Young.)

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