Cardiac Hill's All Heinz Field Pitt Football Team

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So, last week, Stephen gave you his all-time Pitt team comprised of players from the Petersen Events Center era. Based on that, we thought it would be fun to put together an all-time football team using players in Heinz Field.

A few things:

First, this isn't the gospel truth, folks. These are the thoughts of seven random guys - nothing more. We could go on and on in trying to come up with the perfect 'team'.

Next, the offensive line includes a center and four other linemen, any position ... mostly because in college, those guys have moved around quite a bit and a lot of guys played more than one position. On the defensive line, we tried to stick a little more closely to the rules. There's movement there, too, but we picked two tackles and two ends. If a guy played at two positions, he was eligible for either.

No fullback - everyone didn't vote for a fullback so we didn't include it. Sue us.

Also, if someone played even just one season at Heinz Field, his entire career was eligible. This was about taking the best players to play at Heinz Field and trying to compare two years of a Heinz Field career against guys that played their entire career there just wasn't feasible.

Lastly, if there was a tie, I settled it and played tiebreaker. Again, sue me.

We'd love to hear where we got it right ... or wrong. Leave your thoughts below.

Onto our team:


QB - Tyler Palko

RB - Lesean McCoy

RB - Ray Graham

WR - Larry Fitzgerald

WR - Antonio Bryant

TE - Dorin Dickerson

OL (Center) - Ryan Turnley

OL - Jason Pinkston

OL - Jeff Otah

OL - Rob Petitti

OL - Mike McGlynn


DE - Greg Romeus

DE - Jabaal Sheard

DT - Aaron Donald

DT - Mick Williams

LB - Scott McKillop

LB - H.B. Blades

LB - Gerald Hayes

CB - Darrelle Revis

CB - Shawntae Spencer

S - Jarred Holley

S - Dom DeCicco

Special Teams

K - Conor Lee

P - Andy Lee

PR - Darrelle Revis

KR - LaRod Stephens-Howling

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