Q&A With Guard Cameron Wright - Pittsburgh Pro-Am

Mike Ehrmann

Our contributor, Stephen Gertz, caught up with Cameron Wright at the Pittsburgh Pro-Am and was able to ask him a few questions.

I was able to catch up with Cameron Wright on Wednesday at the Pro-Am.  He was kind enough to answer a few of my questions.

Q: Cam, what are some of the things you're working on during the summer and here in the Pro-Am that you hope carries over to the upcoming season?

Definitely my dribble moves and just seeing the floor better.  Just taking this opportunity to try to really work on my game and how it can help me for the upcoming season.

Q: Do you focus more on trying to evolve your game, or are you trying to make sure you get the win?

I am definitely a competitor, so in anything I do I want to win.  So I am definitely out here trying to win, but at the same time, trying to work on my personal game.

Q: As a senior, you're going to be the leader of this team.  Having played with guys like Lamar Patterson and Talib, as well as so many four-year players before them, do you feel prepared to assume the leadership role?

I know that the leadership role is mine, I am aware of that.  I just thank guys like Ashton Gibbs, Brad Wanamaker, Gilbert Brown, Tray Woodall, even Lamar Patterson from last year and Talib, for helping me out and bringing me up.  I think I am ready to lead this team.

Q: I feel as though you guys (as a team) are unique here in that you all hang out together and travel as a pack.  Do you feel as though this team has a strong chemistry together, both on and off the court?

Yeah, definitely.  We do practice and get sick of each every day, so we do fight some times.  But it's all love, we joke around, we're always there for each other.  It's a bond I wouldn't want to have with anybody else.

Q: How have you felt about the play of Cameron Johnson and Sheldon Jeter at the Pro-Am?

We played their team last week when I was able to make it.  From what I can remember, Slim (Cameron Johnson), we call him slim because I'm Cameron, he shot the heck out of the ball.  So we all know he's a shooter.  Sheldon, he's an incredible rebounder and he's so athletic, that is really going to help him out this year.

Q: Do you have any predictions for the upcoming season?

I am kind of a one game at a time day-by-day type of guy, so I just want to take it easy and prepare as a team.  I expect great things from us, though.

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