Featured Fanshot: Pitt Coach has hand in developing Super Bowl QB

This Fanshot was posted by a reader. To create your own, use the link over to the right on the main page. Remember folks--Paul Chryst coached Russell Wilson. Yes, THAT Russell Wilson. Just another reason to give him another chance.

Pitt to Host Duke on Big Monday!


Time to show Duke that a Panther is prowling Tobacco Road come January!

Joe Delsardo Comes Clean About Drug Use


Eye opening story about Joe Delsardo's Pitt football career and his drug abuse. He's now speaks at Western PA highschools about his past experiences. Check out his hand on helmet catch against Rutgers:

Cheap Plug: Pittsburgh reaps the benefits of the Consol Energy Center


Had a chance to add another writing gig to my collection. I'll be chiming in with some posts over at Stadium Journey - hands down, the best site for sports venue reviews and related news. My first post had to do with the Consol Energy Center so since it was related to Pittsburgh, I figured it was fair game to mention here. Be sure to head over and check it out.

Joe's Newest Bracket Gives Pitt a 5 Seed


Pitt moves up to a number 5 seed, slated to play the winner of a play in game. That play-in game will between 2 of the final 4 at-large teams to make the tourney. Also of note, the Big East has 8 teams in, and none in the "Last 4 in". Villanova was there on Tuesday, but have moved up. With a nice run in the Big East Tournament, I think Pitt can move up to a 4, and maybe a 3 if they win it. Go Panthers!

Top 50 NCAA Dunks of All Time


Came across this video. Three Pitt dunks in top 50, two in the top 10 (including #1). You can guess who #1 is, "Send it in..."

Pitt Football Should Begin Plans for On-Campus Stadium


Of course this an issue Pitt fans love to talk about. Discuss?

Maryland and Rutgers in talks with Big Ten


If Maryland leaves the ACC, my money is on UConn taking their place.

Beano Cook, staple of the game, dies


Beano Cook, of Pittsburgh infamy, is dead. Rest in Peace. Another of Pittsburgh (oh yeah and some other city in Mass.) sports lore lost to the ages. I raise my glass to a man who has brought so much obscure lore of the game to thousands, if not millions, of people. Thank you, Beano. Say hi to The Great One for us.


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