Pitt Athletics

Pitt should follow USC, give 4-year scholarships


In the wake of USC's announcement to offer four year scholarships, the Panthers should follow suit.

It is time to renew the Backyard Brawl


With news of Georgetown and Syracuse renewing their rivalry, it is time to open up talks on the renewal of the backyard brawl.

Ninja Swofford's new ACC logo looks ... familiar


The ACC's new logo conjures up some memories.

Steve Pederson outlines spending for ACC revenue


The athletic director explained how Pitt has been spending their ACC money

Biggest Pitt fan crush - Ready? Go.


Tell us your favorite Panther of all time in any sport

Can ACC channel decide number of conference games?


A report says ESPN could have a hand in determining the number of non-conference opponents for the ACC if a league-wide channel is born

Interview with Pittsburgh Sports Daily Bulletin


Cardiac Hill talks Pitt sports with the popular daily newsletter

Pitt loses a rivalry game ... sort of


A potential rivalry between Pitt and Maryland is over before it ever really got started.

Cardiac Hill Podcast - Episode 3: Pitt Basketball


Host Jesse Irwin digs a little deeper into the Panthers' ACC success as contributors Jim Hammett and Stephen Gertz hop on to provide some explanations and expectations.

The year in review: Pitt in 2013


A look back at the top five headlines for Pitt sports in 2013.

The Ins and Outs of Cardiac Hill (A FAQ v. 2.0)


Ever wanted to know more about the blog? Here you go.

The Pitt Stop: Weekly Pitt Open Thread (7/29/13)


Leave your random thoughts, news, links, and rumors here

Pitt picked fifth in ACC Coastal Division


The media doesn't expect much out of the Panthers this season

John Swofford speaks at ACC Media Days


The commissioner gave a conference update on Sunday

The Pitt Stop: Weekly Pitt Open Thread


Leave your random thoughts, news, links, and rumors here

Your intro to Virginia Tech: Gobbler Country Q&A


Chris over at SB Nation's Virginia Tech blog answers our ACC questions

Your intro to Boston College: BC Interruption Q&A


Next up in our ACC series? Boston College.

Your intro to Virginia: Streaking the Lawn Q&A


Streaking the Lawn, SB Nation's Virginia blog, checks in with Cardiac Hill

Your intro to Maryland: Testudo Times Q&A


Even though they're on the way out, Testudo Times still answered our questions.

Intro to Georgia Tech: From the Rumble Seat Q&A


Today's Q&A is with SB Nation's Georgia Tech blog

ROOT SPORTS Pittsburgh, WTAE partner with the ACC


ROOT SPORTS Pittsburgh and WTAE announced today that they have partnered with the ACC, allowing the regional sports network and local ABC affiliate to air Pitt and other ACC games.

Your intro to Wake Forest: Blogger So Dear Q&A


John Mundy over at SB Nation's Wake Forest blog answers our questions

Pitt will have some new territory to recruit


The ACC will give Pitt more options in recruiting.

Pitt finds stability in the ACC


The ACC era has started at Pitt and should bring about stability.

Steve Pederson, the next five years


Pitt's oft-maligned athletic director was instrumental in leading the Panthers to the ACC, but can he continue to help his athletic teams reach new heights?

Can Pitt compete in the ACC?


The level of competition increases starting today. For Pitt to seriously challenge for conference titles, they'll have to improve their talent pool and have the right coaches at the helm.

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