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Syracuse Basketball: Incomplete Data

There's a lot of bad numbers floating around Syracuse hoops, right? Well, luckily the numbers won't add up until it really counts.


Featured Fanpost: ACC Basketball Preseason Ranking

I wanted to get this up so we can start chewing it over. It comes from here. ACC Operation Basketball 2013-14 Preseason Poll(First-place votes in parenthesis) Team Points1. Duke (50) ...

2013 Football Season Preview: 'Dawgs at Tigers

The defending SEC East champion Georgia Bulldogs kick off their 2013 campaign by renewing their age-old rivalry with the Clemson Tigers. Another close game between the two teams is likely . . . but not in the manner most longstanding fans expect.

With The Kiss: Goodbye, Big East!

Bill Raftery is making the right move...and leaving so much behind.


A Proper Eulogy to the Big Least/American Athletic

Ladies..gentlemen and Hoopies, We are here today to mou...yeah, I can't say that..to CELEBRATE the death of a conference and the soon to be death of two more. Yes, I'm talking about the Big Least,...

SU Football: This Isn't The Big East Anymore

Next week Syracuse University athletics officially become apart of the Atlantic Coast Conference. And for football, maybe more than any other sport, it may take some getting used to.


ACC Football Schedule: The Cure

via www.digtriad.com The ACC football schedules are out for the next 11 years and I think I’m with everyone when I say I’m a little disappointed. I know realignment has its disadvantages...

Is ACC's "Grant of Rights" the End of Realignment?

Conventional wisdom says it would be...but conventional wisdom hasn't always applied to much of anything regarding conference realignment. In reality, conference realignment will be over when Jim Delany says it's over.

The Failure Of The Big 12

What if? I couldn't help thinking of those two words as Louisville capped a stellar year in the two main revenue sports.. I would just like to put into words why I view the Big 12 Conference as a...


UTEP Could Join Mountain West, Big XII, ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC

Let's be clear. An invitation to the MWC would be completely welcomed, and with UTEP moving closer to Tier-1 status, an invite to the Big XII could possibly come in the next five years. What...

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