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Revisiting Big Ten Expansion

Looks like there's been quite a bit of activity on talk about Big Ten expansion. I realllly wanted to avoid bringing this one back since the original talk of expansion hit the street a while back -...

Updating the Big Ten Stuff Without...You Know...Much Of An Update

Lots of stuff out there, but not much substance on the whole Pitt to Big Ten thing.Apparently, USA Today (which cites the oft-quoted E.J. Borghetti Twitter thing)thinks this all got started with a p...

Ancillary Stuff

Not a lot going on. Sure there was a football scrimmage Saturday, but I can only take so much Spring stuff until it feels as if sticking sharpened pencils directly into my retinas might be more...

Not This Again

Frankly, I don't think this move will help all that much. But the Big East has reached out to former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue and brought him in as a special advisor to the league.Fine. I...

Football Notes

Even out of season, lots of tidbits and news out there about Pitt football recently. Guess football really IS king in American sports.Todd McShay over at ESPN.com is already at it for 2011, mocking...

Football Notes

The Pennlive.com blog has a story about defensive line top recruit and redshirt freshman Jack Lippert's move to center to provide the position with some depth: Lippert made the move during the...

Football Notes

Don't know about you, but I'd never heard of the Pittsburgh Minor Pro Football Hall of Fame. But Pitt announcer, Bill Hillgrove, will apparently be a part of it. Not for his work with the Panthers,...

Daily Football Notes

I doubt this will become a daily thing, but here is a small group of football articles for the day - nothing much going on out there and my Big Ten expansion holdout is still intact:You can vote...

A Final Word on the New Recruits

Despite all the rumors swirling, Gary Nova wasn't scared off by the whole Big Ten Expansion issue and how it might affect Pitt: "Pitt is a great school and a great program," Nova said. "We can...

More Basketball Thoughts on the Big Ten

On the basketball side, Jamie Dixon continues to express his thoughts about joining the Big Ten: "I think tomorrow we’ll be in the Big East," he said. "That’s what I believe. Do I think it...

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