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Camp Kikakee Continues

Pat Bostick says all the right things about potentially not being Pitt's starter this year:"I'd like my role to be the starting quarterback," said Bostick, who has become one of the team leaders...

Looking Ahead

I'm not going to recap the Navy game, but I did want to briefly mention one thing Paul Zeise wrote about a couple of days ago.Navy fans upset about Pitt fans booing their team? Seriously? First, I...

What More Is There To Say?

500 yards - that number still boggles the mind...especially since Pitt has given up that many yards in TWO games already this year.First, I think Bob Smizik in the PG has it right when he says Dave...

Pitt Ends Successful (Yes, Successful) Season

That was the feeling after Pitt wrapped up a 19-17 Meineke Car Care Bowl win over North Carolina on Saturday. Regardless of what anyone may try to argue, this was a fairly big win for Pitt. To get...

Football News and Notes

Some miscellaneous football notes for the day:Paul Zeise and the media had an unusally informative session with Dave Wannstedt today. Some of the things that came out of it - RB Shariff Harris...

Spring Football Notes

A few Spring football bits and pieces coming out over the past few days:The time for Dan Mason, Chris Jacobson, and Mike Cruz is now.Speaking of Jacobson, he's going to be one of three new starters...

One FINAL Spring Wrap-Up

Okay, so I saw some new spring football stuff out there and wanted to throw it in. After all, unless there are any big stories over the spring/summer, there won't be much football talk until the...

MORE Spring Football Notes

Another preseason football poll is out and Pitt is again ranked in the top 20, coming in at #16 in SI's post-Spring poll. They name Dan Mason as their Spring star in the process and point to Pitt's...

Football Notes

Sorry for the long delay in updates - this past week has just been flat-out hectic with a concert, power outage, vacation planning and a slew of other offline stuff.  Plus, not much has been going...

Dan Mason Moved To 2nd Team

The first shot was fired as coach Wannstedt bumped Dan Mason from his starting spot, moving him to the second team. I'm not sure if this means he won't miss any games at all, but the move is...

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