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Paul Zeise recaps the Youngstown State game and answers some questions.The Pitt D-line looked solid in the opener - let's see how they do against a 1-A team.Meanwhile, Pitt's win wasn't enough to...

And you Thought the QB Controversy Might End in 2009

And you thought the QB controversy was bad this year.Enter Anthony Gonzalez.No, not THAT Anthony Gonzalez.THIS one.Hard not to be intrigued about what he can do, if not impressed. He was wanted by...

Pitt Improves to 3-0

It's always a lot more fun to recap a win.I'll get to media recaps later. For now, just some thoughts -- Pitt somehow managed to fall two spots in the AP poll.- The offense was incredibly...

Looking Ahead

I'm not going to recap the Navy game, but I did want to briefly mention one thing Paul Zeise wrote about a couple of days ago.Navy fans upset about Pitt fans booing their team? Seriously? First, I...

Story Title

I have no words to explain the debacle of blowing a 14 point lead against NC State, so I felt it best to leave the title blank.Pitt looked sharp once again on offense. True, they did struggle some...

What More Is There To Say?

500 yards - that number still boggles the mind...especially since Pitt has given up that many yards in TWO games already this year.First, I think Bob Smizik in the PG has it right when he says Dave...

Well That Was Interesting

I can't be the only one who has a hard time getting a true pulse on this team. I expected Pitt to win a close game, but I purposefully left out predicting a score because I thought it was...

Keys for Tomorrow

Here are a few keys or things to look for tomorrow:1. This is UCONN's first true road test of the year. That should give Pitt at least a small advantage.2. It will be interesting to see how the...

Averting Disaster

Okay, so would it really have qualified as a disaster if Pitt lost? If they had been thoroughly outplayed, I would say maybe not. But Pitt really was the better team on the field today. Let's start...

A Win of a Different Variety

This one was a little different. For starters it was the largest comeback Pitt has had since Dave Wannstedt became the coach.I was a little surprsied to see that if only for the fact that 15 points...

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