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Will McCoy be Back?

The chatter started back in November when Shady answered questions about his NFL future seemingly ready to return to Pitt for another year. However, since then, no one really seems sure of his...

They're Back

Plenty of interesting football tidbits from Wannstedt's final press conference of the year that kind of came in under the radar after the news of Pitt's #1 basketball ranking.For starters, it...

Not So Fast?

After reports came out yesterday that McCoy would in all likelihood be back, this story came out from the Trib:But McCoy's mother said Monday that the family is awaiting a report from the NFL Draft...

Bye, Shady?

WTAE-TV Channel 4 (ABC) just broke a news story that barring any unexpected changes, Lesean McCoy WILL be declaring for the NFL Draft tomorrow. If this is true, it certainly is different than what...

NOT A Done Deal

The news of the day was obviously the McCoy story. News broke later today that McCoy leaving is not a done deal."Nothing is final. We just talked about the whole issue," McCoy said while walking...

Women's Basketball Links

Pitt seems to be doing quite a bit of this - making pages for individual athletes. They already exist for Lesean McCoy, Scott McKillop, and Conor Lee. Now, there's one for Shavonte Zellous. Maybe I...

Not Yet

Well, today has almost come and gone. Today was to be the day that Shady made up his mind about the NFL Draft. No such news as the only thing he's decided is...he needs more time.For those hoping...

Thoughts on Shady

With the basketball team playing as well as it has, Shady's departure while not an afterthought, is certainly sharing some of the spotlight with the hoops team. I think it will hit home more in the...

The Road to the NFL Starts Here

Lesean McCoy had a bout with the flu, strong enough to knock him out of the combine. Also, Shady admits he made a mistake when he basically guaranteed he would return to Pitt for his Junior season."...

Shooting for Sellouts

The goal set by Steve Pederson is clear - sell out every game every year.I'm not saying it's impossible, but without a Heisman candidate in Shady, it's tough to place a finger on what is the...

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