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Continuing a Worthy Cause

Approximately $3,000.00 was collected at the Pitt Spring game for the Fallen Heroes Fund honoring the three slain Pittsburgh police officers. If you're still interested in contributing, you can...

JoePa Backs Off

And seemingly as quick as it started, it ended just as quick...the request of Joe Paterno for the Big Ten to add another member, that is."Twice in recent weeks Paterno expressed his desire for the...

OK to Boo?

As I mentioned earlier, and as the local papers also pointed out, Bill Stull was booed loudly immediately after his first incompletion of the day.Some, such as Ron Cook in the PG, suggest that...

More Football Talk

I found the conversation ESPN.com blogger, Brian Bennett, had with Dave Wannstedt mildly interesting, but nothing much more than that. There was one quote about QB Tino Sunseri in particular...

SB National Pittsburgh Regional Kickoff Meetup

I mentioned this on the old Eye of a Panther blog, but for those of you who found the site elsewhere, I'll make this brief announcement again.SB Nation is creating a regional Pittsburgh blog site. ...

Now This Is Going Overboard

I've just created a Facebook page for Cardiac Hill - please consider becoming a fan by visiting it here. Short posts and quick hitters will be posted up there during the day, especially when news...

Your Chance To Be A Star

Step right up and sign up to be an extra in Pitt's 2010 football commercial. Here's your chance to kick off a successful acting career...or make a complete idiot of yourself. One or the other. No...

Parking, Parking, Parking. Oh Yeah, And Priority Points.

The ugly topic of parking has reared its head recently and I've also gotten some feedback from Pitt fans about the issue this year. Due to the amphitheater being built and the hotels, there's less...

Pitt's Nike Uniforms Revealed

Nike revealed its Pro Combat System jerseys, which will be worn by ten schools including Pitt. The jerseys will only be worn for one game. Pitt and West Virginia will wear theirs during the...

College Fantasy Football. Seriously?

It's true. You may have noticed the Florida Gators link down in the list of blogger friends.  What's that all about?Well, James Brown of the awesome Gators blog, Gators First, asked me to...

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