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Liverpool's 2012-2013 Fixture List Released


We can take a brief break in the build-up to today's Group C matches to look at Liverpool's schedule for the upcoming Premier League season, which will kick off for Brendan Rodgers' side in the...

Euro 2012: Germany and Portugal Move On, Heading to Group C


Sunday had perhaps the most underwhelming product of the tournament thus far from a neutral perspective, which is maybe better put as a neutral who despises most of the Portuguese squad and wanted...

Euro 2012: Czechs and Greece Advance, Group of Death on Tap


Also, WHAT? We've really been spoiled with the tournament so far, and Saturday only enriched an experience that's provided plenty of dramatic moments to this point. I say that as a...

Liverpool Notes and Euro 2012: France Win and Matchday Nine


The group stage of Euro 2012 has been both captivating and lightning-quick---this first week has flown by, and with only four days left until the first knockout round is set, there's not much of a...

Video: Steven Gerrard v. France


We had hoped to still talk a bit about Liverpool while the Euros were on, but with even the rumour mongers' eyes focused on Poland and Ukraine and Brendan Rodgers deciding he might rather not give...

An Exercise in Patience


The weeks that have passed since Kenny Dalglish was dismissed from his role as manager have been filled with anxiety, mostly brought about by the fact that all we've done---and really all we can...

Wigan Didn't Know About Tuesday's Supposed Presser, and Other Monday Notes


Have Liverpool hired a new manager yet? No? Right, moving on… * Moneyball moneyball moneyball moneyball. Or maybe not. Over on the Anfield Wrap, Gareth Roberts drops a weighty article that moves...

Stadium Progress, van Gaal Rumours, and Other Mid-Week Notes


With Martin Kelly set to make his senior England debut and everyone remembering the club has more than just a new managerial hire to worry about, it's been a surprisingly busy day of Liverpool...

Poll: Liverpool's Next Manager


From the outside, at least, Liverpool Football Club is in a holding pattern, a theoretical construct that may or may not field a "squad" to compete in various English and European footballing...

Rumour Mongering: Managerial Soap Opera Edition


FSG are genius saviours returning the club to glory, they have a plan in place, and the slightest doubt or skepticism means you're a fool for daring to question them. Just never mind they've been...

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