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Quantifying Pitt's under-performance in the NCAAs

It's no secret that Pitt has failed to meet expectations in the NCAA Tournament...but can we quantify by how much?


Well, with each win, expectations are climbing higher and higher for the basketball team. I was thinking about. hat I would deem a successful season. At the beginning of the year, I would have been...

Men's Hoops Team Likely to Fall

After a somewhat disturbing 8-point loss to Providence on Tuesday, the men's team is likely to fall from its #1 perch, even after winning 89-78 last night at Seton Hall.Sam Young came up in a big...

Slight Fall in the Rankings

Pitt fell to #3 (AP) and #4 (ESPN/USA Today) in the polls today. They still managed to get a #1 vote in the AP poll. Even with the loss to Providence, the team is still projected as a #1 seed in...

Tidbits Before the Big Game

Links from the two local fishwraps...As noted in Ray Fittipaldo's blog on the PG website, Joe Lunardi for some strange reason apparently holds press conferences. Don't get me started on this guy....

Locking Up A Number One Seed?

After the big win against Marquette last night, it seems everyone's talking about a #1 seed being locked up.With last night's 90-75 victory against Marquette, the Panthers are all but assured of...

Back....and Back in the Sweet 16

After an uncharacteristically long layoff, back just in time for Pitt's Sweet 16 appearance.The first two games have no doubt given some fans some causes for heart attacks. I certainly understand...

Class of the Big East?

That's the question I'm asking shortly after Pitt's ten-point win AT UCONN. Pitt's now gone on the road three straight times and come away with three wins for the first time in its Big East...

Tourney Talk

Lots of talk about potential seeding in the NCAAs for Pitt in the Post-Gazette.Despite my penchant for posting Joe Lunardi's weekly Bracketology ratings, truth be told, it's nothing short of f...

What Are The Odds?

I was sifting through some Panthers news around the internet and found a somewhat intteresting 'article' about NCAA Tournament odds. I use the term 'article' loosely, because most of these put out...

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