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Video: Pat White Appearance On American Muscle

Mike Barwis and American Muscle were kind enough to share this video of Pat White working on his throwing motion.

The St. Louis Rams: Wide Receivers Breakout


The Rams have a bunch of young, hungry recievers. Can any of them take their game to the next level in 2014?

I Use Performance Enhancing Drugs


Confessions from an NFL player.

Does Northwestern QB Kain Colter have a future in the NFL?


Every year, the NFL draft reminds us about the chasm between “good college player” and “good NFL prospect.” In a venn diagram of draft eligible players, the “good college player and good NFL...

'Cats in the NFL: Ebert, Kafka, Dunsmore Cut


by Chris Johnson (@ChrisDJohnsonn) In the lead-up to Saturday’s game, some Northwestern-related news flew under the radar. It wasn’t the good kind: three prominent NU players were cut from their...


New Wizards X Redskins Logo, Dare To Compare

I made this post a few days ago and posted it to hogshaven, I was about to post it here when some kind of breaking news happened here (I don't know something about signing some free agent or...

Will Bengals Earn 4th Consecutive Playoff Berth?


Only the Patriots and Packers have made more consecutive playoff appearances than the Bengals. Should it be viewed as a failed season if the Bengals fail to win a playoff game, or even fail to make...

Fantasy Football Fridays: Tight End Rankings


The days of an 8-point TE being a starter are gone and a good tight end could very easily be the difference between a playoff appearance or a championship (ask Jimmy Graham owners).


With the 19th pick, the Dolphins select... Johnny Manziel!

Man how I'd love to have heard those words! Yeah, I know, I know...we still have RT17, and the jury is "still out". But come on, pass up on Johnny Football!!?? 12 months ago would you even...

Madden 15 Details and First Look


Every year, the start of the NFL season comes right after Madden releases the latest version of their popular video game franchise. This year, they look to take the next step with Madden 15, which...

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