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Canucks Stat Paradise: Sedins Rule


I have not dove into Canucks historical stats for a long time. But tonight I have a nice Captain Morgan buzz and some quiet time on my hands. So rather than kill Canucks opponents any further in Be...


Manu, Tim and Tony Climb the All-Time Playoff Kings List

Which NBA player has the best record in playoff games? If you go by winning percentage, as I do, then the answer is clear. The greatest playoff performer in NBA history is Kawhi Leonard. He sports...


Tim Duncan's Big Upcoming Achievement

The elder statesman of the Spurs is approaching a pretty significant career playoff milestone. What is it, and will he reach it this year?

Fun Prediction Time: First Hit Of The Season


The Toronto Blue Jays will play their first real game of the season on April 5th against the Cleveland Indians. Can you predict who will deliver the Jays' First Hit of the 2012 season?


it's the end of the world as we know it

It' s been said & thought before, but I just needed to write something down. It's been 31 years of this shite for me. What I see (thought rushed & angry eyes) - not just based on denver game (rare...


More Than You Ever Want To Know About Walk-Off Victories

It is interesting that the now very common term "walk-off" first appeared in print just 23 years ago on Apr. 21, 1988 in the San Francisco Chronicle. According to Wikipedia, it was in an article a...

Tigers' Results by Starter


I updated a chart I did earlier in the year yesterday. It shows the Tigers' record by starter and the number of wins and losses by a given number of runs based on starting pitcher. Scherzer's Friday start is not included so change his record to 17-10 and add another 3 run victory for the Tigers when you look at the graphic.

Tough Challenges Abound


Happy New Year to one and all. With family obligations taken care of and some down time, I did a little digging for preview stuff on the Pitt/Syracuse game tomorrow.Undefeated Syracuse will try to...

Who's Laughing Now?


True, Pitt's 74-71 win at Cincinnati did absolutely nothing to remove any of the disappointment of the football game. But if Pitt's win over Syracuse didn't properly serve notice to the rest of the...

Leonard Breaks Hits Record


Pitt baseball standout, Joe Leonard, broke the school's single-season hit record - with plenty of games to spare by the way. Pitt still has 12 games left to play in its regular season.A home run,...

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