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Featured Fanpost: A Case for Tino Sunseri

There's no reason to blame Tino Sunseri, or even Paul Chryst for yesterday. We look at Tino yesterday vs all of 2011.

A message for the offices in Providence


A message for the offices in Providence

Notre Dame’s Early Season Schedule From Hell Ends This Week

So here we are entering the final contest of a six game rivalry stretch to open the season. Notre Dame sits at a very humbling 2-3 but is now looking to pick up steam after beating a rather inept...

Football Is Back! Thoughts on Thursday’s Football Action

It sure was nice to watch a handful of games last night in what turned out to be a nice little Thursday primer for the rest of the action to follow on Saturday and into Monday’s match up between...

June 21st Jump Off

Down the Drive June 21st Jump Off: UC influence in Cincy, Guyn to spell Cash, BE bball $, meat experiment in Japan, and more!

They're Back

Plenty of interesting football tidbits from Wannstedt's final press conference of the year that kind of came in under the radar after the news of Pitt's #1 basketball ranking.For starters, it...

Day Four Events

Day Four of Pitt brought a somewhat disturbing picture of the QB situation:I had written after the first two days that the quarterbacks threw the ball well and they did. But I also cautioned they...

A Controvery Brewing?

Paul Zeise makes it clear that while he isn't ready to declare a QB controversy outright, he does believe that Stull has had some competition - and not from Bostick, who some believed might be able...

Football Notes

Gene Collier wonders aloud if Tino Sunseri is deserving of the starting QB spot.Meanwhile, Dave Wannstedt confirms our worst fears:"[Senior] Bill Stull is the starting quarterback," Wannstedt said....

Back to the QBs

Pat Bostick appears headed for a redshirt assuming Bill Stull can safely get through the season (which is a big assumption) according to Paul Zeise.I really hope this happens. Sunseri has already...

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