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More WR Troubles

When I first saw the headline that another Pitt receiver was in trouble, all I kept saying was, 'Please not Jonathan Baldwin, please not Jonathan Baldwin...'So much for that.Pitt sophomore wide...

More Trouble

The off-field issues continued with linebacker Adam Gunn drawing a suspension.According to several sources, Gunn and former Pitt linebacker Austin Ransom knew the bouncers at the nightclub and...

Minor Football Notes

Two minor football matters today:Former Mt. Lebanon star Andrew Devlin is preparing to transfer to Pitt. With two guys at the position graduating (Nate Byham and Dorin Dickerson), this move looks...

Gunn Situation Resolved

A bit of good news for Pitt LB Adam Gunn - charges were dropped today from his May 10 brush with the law.He has been reinstated and is now back with the team.Seems that the fact he did not have any...

Football Tidbits

A few relatively small pieces of football news this holiday weekend:Adam Gunn seemed genuinely scared of the police and hopes he won't have any more troubles with the law:"I have never been on the...

Couldn't This Have Happened Last Year

After a mini-vacation, I get back only to hear that Gil Brown apparently thought it was a good idea to get suspended. Had this happened last year, it wouldn't have been welcome news, but with a...

Baldwin Cleared

I have to admit that I forgot about this little incident back in the Spring, involving wideout Jonathan Baldwin.Looks like he was finally, just now, cleared and found not guilty: Common Pleas Judge...

So Much For That Hybrid Linebacker Thing

So of course the day after I post random football notes - nothing of real significance - THIS happens: Pitt senior safety/linebacker Elijah Fields has been dismissed from the team for disciplinary...

Quiet Offseason No More

Funny how things can change just like that. Just last month, all was quiet on the homestead:"This has really been a quiet offseason in a lot of ways," Wannstedt said. "I think the guys are working...

Jabaal Sheard Does His Best Gilbert Brown Imitation

The only thing that may potentially derail Pitt's chances of having a great season is Pitt itself. Pitt does a fairly good job of staying out of trouble, but like any other school, problems do...

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