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A Bad Omen?


Yeah, it's early.  And yeah, Pitt's defense is probably better than Utah's.  But this nugget at the very least gave me flashbacks to the '05 Fiesta Bowl: The offense overwhelmed the defense in the...

Prepping for Utah Week


It's about time - the moment we've been waiting for since Pitt wrapped up a ten-win season. The Utah game. If Pitt wins, they continue the momentum they've built up since beating North Carolina in...

Another Utah Q&A With Block U


Continuing with the Q&A theme, here's a second one - this time with Sean Reynolds of SB Nation's Utah blog, Block U.  Sean provides some more insight into Thursday's game. Thanks to both Sean and...

Obstacles Await


Here we are, three days away from possibly Pitt's most challenging test of the season. The good news for Pitt is that a defeat will not mean all that much in the grand scope of things.  Pitt wants...

Wrapping Up The Q&As


Just as a follow-up to my Q&A with the Utah blog, Block U, Sean has my answers to his questions up on his site.  You can view them here.

Views From The Enemy


So with gametime merely two days away, I thought I'd take a look at what they're saying out in Utah:Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham discusses the game in his press conference on Monday. Overall,...

SBNation Pittsburgh Vs. Utah Game Thread


I'll be using the storystream thread over at SBNation Pittsburgh to update the Pitt-Utah game.  There will be updates before, during, and after the game.Be sure to stop by for up-to-date info.

Well, That Thoroughly Sucked


Not much more to add to the title, but I'm sure this post will go on for quite a while.So Pitt lost tonight against Utah. Unfortunately, I predicted this dead on in my Q&A with Block U earlier this...

The Aftermath


The morning after isn't any easier, even right before a three-day weekend. Okay, so maybe the long weekend makes it a little better. Still, plenty to complain about.For starters, as I noted before,...

Pitt Stumbles Right Out Of The Polls


Despite losing this past week to Utah, I was a bit surprised to see Pitt fall out of the AP poll completely. I figured they'd drop down to near the bottom, but didn't think a loss to a top 25 team...

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