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A Tradition Like No Other

Okay, so maybe it's not that big of a deal. But after some early focus this week on, *gasp*, basketball, time to turn my attention span to the Backyard Brawl tomorrow. I'm not sure of the reason,...

Panic Alert

As Jim Rome would always say during his popular annual 'Smackdowns' in describing callers who had not yet gotten through nearing the end of a show, "Panic Alert, clones."That's kind of how I'm...

Looking Ahead

Pitt will look to not only get it's season back on track after the WVU loss, but officially make it a success with a win this weekend.No one needs to be told how big the game is:The Pitt Panthers...

Another Game, Another Loss

I won't be covering Pitt's loss to WVU in-depth as frankly, I don't have the energy. WVU fans were classy as always, forcing their coach to tell them to stop throwing things onto the court. Way to...

Instant Classic

And you thought the Louisville game was ridiculous.I've got to admit it's pretty nice being on the winning end of these types of games. I really don't have very many words for this other than I'm...

Digesting the Classic

So Pitt hung on in a triple-overtime thriller against WVU. This is, of course, the second time lightning has struck for Pitt. In the end, WVU, wasn't overly gracious: Da'Sean Butler had 32 points...

What They're Saying

Loads of media recaps from the big game last night - I've already posted some, but here are a few more.As was mentioned, Pitt was killed on the boards in regulation. But that all changed in the...

Rooting For WVU

The more interaction I have with others, the more I'm trying to decide where I stand on this whole West Virginia thing. Do I think Pitt fans are somewhat bitter about having a great program for...

Ancillary Stuff

Not a lot going on. Sure there was a football scrimmage Saturday, but I can only take so much Spring stuff until it feels as if sticking sharpened pencils directly into my retinas might be more...

Another Early Top 25

Pitt got another bid for a preseason Top 25 - this time by Mark Schlabach of ESPN.com. He's got Pitt pegged at #13. The disturbing trend of 2010 I'm noticing is that everyone seems to be giving up...

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