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A Convincing Win

Pitt rolled over the Orange with a 78-60 win at the Pete on Big Monday.

After the loss, with a home game, I expected Pitt to win this...although not by 18. To be fair to Syracuse, it was a fairly close game with Pitt pulling away late. However, to be fair to Pitt, it didn't seem like the outcome was ever in doubt when they go ahead by about 7-8 in the 2nd half. The lead didn't grow for a while, but you could tell they just felt more comfortable.

The key was strong games by Pitt's big three of Blair (20 and 12), Young (game-high 22 points), and Fields (15 points/6 assists).

Even though Pitt fans may have been focusing on the improved shooting from the Louisville game, Ron Cook of the Post-Gazette has a nice article about Jermaine Dixon's defense.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, Pitt fell three spots to fourth in the rankings. I'm a little surprised that rampant homerism didn't push UNC of the ACC ahead of Pitt (even with two losses). I expected them to fall another spot or two, so I was pleasantly surprised.