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Doug Gottlieb the Magnificent

Getting away from the McCoy stuff a bit - no sense in continued speculation.

Doug is back at his anti-Pitt sentiment again, trying to somehow explain how Pitt shouldn't be ranked #1. The funny part is that in the beginning of the column, he takes a strike-first approach, noting that Pitt fans may think he is out to get them. Yes, Doug - actually, that's exactly what we think.

Anyway, I don't disagree with the sentiment that many basketball fans (even some Pitt fans) would say that UNC may still be the best team. But as I pointed out in a post in the comments section of that article, the rankings are not necessarily indicative of the best teams...rather, the teams that are PLAYING the best. If it was about the best teams, then whenever a team lost, many times they might not drop at all. The voters understand this and that's the way it works.

Even so, it's not hard to make an argument that Pitt is the best team. They have no losses (UNC has 1), they have the #1 RPI (UNC is #12), their Strength of Schedule is #2 (UNCs is #85), and they murdered a top ten team on the road that had just beaten the #2 team.

It almost seems like Gottlieb does this sort of stuff now on purpose, playing the heel role.