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Well, with each win, expectations are climbing higher and higher for the basketball team. I was thinking about. hat I would deem a successful season. At the beginning of the year, I would have been pleased with an Elite Eight appearance. For the team to get to a point they haven't would have been satisfying.


With the fast start, I have to be honest. I don't know if that would satisfy me. This team is built to win it all:

Solid inside presence? Check.
Smart point guard play? Check.
Star one-on-one player? Check.
Balanced team with offense AND defense? Check.

Two things remain that are enough to knock this team out of the tournament early (and most Pitt fans know what they are) - Perimeter shooting and frontcourt depth. The team is nearly impossible to beat when they shoot well. Heck, they're hard enough to beat when they don't. But keeping Blair out of foul trouble is definitely a necessity. McGhee hasn't shown enough consistency, despite looking very good at times. Without another big man, Pitt's best option might be to play small if Blair does happen to pick up quick fouls. While moving Biggs to Center is not ideal, a frontcourt of Biggs, Young, and Brown is probably more formidable than McGhee, Biggs, and Blair. Brown is so talented - in my opinion, after Young, the player most able to get a quality shot off by driving to the hoop.

Can Pitt win without shooting well or Blair in foul trouble? They've already proven they can. But against a high-quality opponent? That's yet to be seen.

Going back to the point of this post - with so many pieces in place, it's hard not to get downright excited about the possibilities with this team. A Final Four at this point might be the only acceptable finish to the season. This team can clearly play with anyone in the country, including North Carolina. Final Four or Bust.