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Football Bits

Brian Bennett of points out the former Pitt Panthers that are in the NFL Conference Championship games this week.

He also mentions Jonathan Baldwin as the #7 potential star for the Big East in 2009 if the QB can find a way to get him the ball.

I agree - if they can get the ball in his hands (and that's a huge if based on the quarterback play this year), he could really have a breakout year and really be one of the top offensive threats in the league. With the departure of Shady, they'll probably be relying a little more on the passing game.

Let's just hope we see more quick slants and mid-range passes rather than those questionable fade passes down the sideline.

On a final note, it's good to see Larry Fitzgerald have success in the NFL. He's turned into arguably the top wideout in the league and today, he tied the conference championship record for TD catches and also broke a long-standing record held by the best of all-time, Jerry Rice. Congratulations Fitz.