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It's Official

YOUR Pittsburgh Panthers officially earned (emphasis on the word earned) the number one ranking in both polls today.

The emphasis from news outlets obviously was that it was Pitt's first #1 ranking in the school's 101-year history.

As I pointed out earlier, this is monumental for the school. Championships aren't won until the end of the year, and rest assured, if Pitt fails to crack at least the Elite 8 this year, the season will be viewed by many as a disappointment. However, a #1 ranking is the kind of resume-builder the school needs to be considered a truly elite program.

Funny that Coach Dixon seems to play down its impact:

"It won't mean much to our players. We've been consistently good, but at the same time we haven't won a national championship, so nothing changes."

While Blair thinks the opposite:

"We're excited," sophomore center DeJuan Blair said. "It means a whole lot for us. But we need to stay focused and keep our heads in it, stay humble."

I wonder which is right.