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Not Yet

Well, today has almost come and gone. Today was to be the day that Shady made up his mind about the NFL Draft. No such news as the only thing he's decided is...he needs more time.

For those hoping he comes back, this can only be good news. It was reported last week that he basically had made up his mind to declare. With this delay, it appears he's really considering coming back.

Frankly, I expect him to leave. I think he probably feels at least somewhat bad about saying he was coming back. I really feel that everyone including family and friends are probably pushing him in that direction and that he just wants to make sure it's really what he wants to do. I think the idea of being a Pitt legend intrigues him, but I also think that he wonders how successful the team might be - even with his return. If he knew they could get to a BCS bowl, I believe that he would be back.

Do I have any inside information? Not at all...just my opinion.