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Pitt Pulls Away Late at WVU

Pitt pulled away late to win 79-67 at West Virginia on Sunday.

Like the Louisville game, Pitt started to pull away in the 2nd half. Unlike that game, however, they kept making shots down the stretch and were able to win the game.

WVU just didn't have a great shooting game - hitting only 41% of their shots and 26% of three-pointers. Young led Pitt with 22 points and really was the difference in the game. The team was struggling when he picked up his third foul less than 10 seconds into the 2nd half and had to come out. After Dixon put him back in with about 16 minutes to go, the team started getting on track.

I don't always make a habit of saying that one player makes a huge difference for Pitt as they have a lot that can step up. But the team really seemed to gel so much better with him in the lineup. Blair had another big game with 16/11.

Fields has generally been playing well. However, it seemed he's been turning the ball over quite a bit lately. When I looked at the stats from the past three games, including this one, it confirmed that - he's had 13 turnovers. It took him EIGHT games into the season to get that many. His assist to turnover ratio the past three games has been less than 1.5/1.0. In the seven previous games, it was at greater than 5.0/1.0 - quite a difference.

Let's hope he can handle the ball a little better.