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Women's Basketball Links

The #19/#20 ranked Pitt women fell tonight at Providence 77-69. Kind of a disappointing loss to an unranked 7-7 Friars team. Shavonte Zellous scored 28.

For some unknown reason, I was wondering how Marcedes Walker ended up in her rookie year last year with the WNBA's Houston Comets....I know, slow day. Anyway, I didn't even realize she was waived by the team back in June after averaging 0 points and 3.5 rebounds in 5.5 minutes of action. Even the Houston residents didn't seem to think this was big news (scroll to the bottom to see comments). Looks like she's back to her old form playing in Europe.

And in the "I knew she was good, but didn't know she was THAT good" category, I stumbled upon an article mentioning that her younger sister, Markel, who had committed to Pitt, backed out of her commitment last year. Now I heard she was a good prospect, but had no idea she was the #6 ranked player in the nation.