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Adios, Sir Walt

Sure to further anger some Pitt fans while allowing others to breathe a sigh of relief, Pitt apparently has let Walt Harris go to Akron. It had been mentioned that Pitt and Harris had discussions regarding the Offensive Coordinator opening, but the long-shot never materialized.

I'm part of the camp that would have loved to see Harris come back. But in the end, I'm sure it was just too hard for him to do so. I can't imagine that he looks at the Akron job as a better job. Truthfully, I wasn't a big Harris fan when he was here. He always seemed like he would leave for another job in a heartbeat. But given the way the offense has struggled, I would have gladly welcomed him back because that's one thing he knows.

The new hot candidate according to the PG's Paul Zeise is Cal Offensive Coordinator Frank Cignetti. More on him shortly.