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The Better Team Won

I'm not normally one for bragging, but it was clear right from the tip tonight that Pitt was the better team, besting UConn 76-68. Pitt was more physical and generally wanted it more tonight.

The story aside from Blair completely manhandling Thabeet (going for 22 and 23) for me was Calhoun's poor attitude in the press conference. Despite starting strong congratulating Pitt, he eventually turned to his sour-puss attitude later saying the game was "a different game" than UConn is accustomed to playing. He refused to elaborate, but it was clear he was talking about the physical nature.

The mind-boggling part was that Calhoun even acknowledged playing such a game in past years with UConn, but he somehow was opposed to the style of play when it worked against him. I really am starting to hate UConn and I really don't want to think that all of their fans are so shallow-minded. But if you saw any of the press conference, Calhoun played the part of the whining coach to a T.

Some years, UConn has been better. Heck, they may even be better this year. But Pitt was CLEARLY the better team tonight and to acknowledge otherwise is foolishness. To offer backhanded compliments to Pitt while clearly indirectly blaming the refs is nonsense.