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Let's Hope the Men's Game Ends Differently

The Pitt women faced a tough task in playing #1 ranked UCONN. But I don't think anyone was expecting a 53-point beatdown as Pitt was routed in Storrs.

I don't follow the women's team nearly as much as the men' fact, I've never even watched a complete game. But even for casual fans, this one was hard to miss. Even the PG's Ron Cook got in the act of wondering what went wrong:

"Now, Pitt must regroup. It will be interesting to see if it is up for the challenge against Villanova. Certainly, Berenato will be ready. Her enthusiasm is irrepressible. But what about her players? Where are their heads going to be? It isn't easy getting whacked by 53."

Other than maybe Pitt players and coaches, I don't think anyone was expecting a win. Still, it's a hard pill to swallow when you look at the strides the team has made and realize how much farther they still have to go be a top program.