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No Chance of a Letdown

The men's team battled right from the tip, allowing virtually no chance for a letdown, winning 80-61 at home against DePaul. Pitt never trailed in the game and DeJuan Blair again played the role of star with 20 points and 18 rebounds. His two-game total of 41 rebounds set a new school record.

Buried in the ESPN article was this gem:

"We won the opportunity to play Pitt twice," Wainwright said. "It's like two straight meals that my wife cooks. It looks good at the beginning, but it's difficult swallowing."

It was also nice to see Larry Fitzgerald back on campus. Also, not lost on all of the media was the fact that Matija Poscic had Hasheem Thabeet on his mind at the beginning of the game.

Dar Tucker was Mr. Everything for DePaul, leading the team in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks.

With losses by UNC, Oklahoma, and UCONN this week, Pitt should regain the #1 spot in the polls again. Coming up are two potentially-dangerous games on the road against Providence and Seton Hall. I don't expect them to lose both, but one wouldn't be out of the question.

A few under the radar items: Sam Young (16), Tyrell Biggs (13), and Jermaine Dixon (11) all reached double figures. Levance Fields continued his unbelievable play with six assists/zero turnovers. Freshman Ashton Gibbs has now gone scoreless in the past three games, playing 29 minutes over that stretch. Fortunately, they haven't missed him.