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The Road to the NFL Starts Here

Lesean McCoy had a bout with the flu, strong enough to knock him out of the combine. Also, Shady admits he made a mistake when he basically guaranteed he would return to Pitt for his Junior season.

"I honestly made a big mistake," said McCoy, who is here along with hundreds of other draft prospects for the NFL Scouting Combine. "That close loss just had me so frustrated."

Meanwhile, as Scott McKillop prepares himself, scouting services appear unsure of where he could go in the draft.

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay projects McKillop as a situational and special-teams player because of questions about his athleticism. McShay said he doesn't expect McKillop will get drafted until after the fourth round. has McKillop rated at the No. 4 prospect at inside linebacker and projects the Export resident as a third-round pick because of his instincts and his production at Pitt.

Both McCoy and McKillop were named as two of the top five players that will be the toughest to replace in the Big East by ESPN Blogger Brian Bennett.

Also, lineman C.J. Davis is hoping for a shot.