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Taking a Run at Number One

So I was a bit surprised to find out that Pitt has never beaten a #1 ranked team. Actually, I knew that, just forgot about it. They've had a few close ones (losing to UCONN in 1998 and 2006 by a total of five points), but have never closed the deal.

Call me a homer, but I think Pitt is actually a better team than UCONN this year. That doesn't mean they'll win (especially in Connecticut), but I think they've got a legit shot. Ray Fittipaldo of the PG did a nice job of breaking down the matchups by position, although I think Thabeet Vs. Blair is a draw for the simple fact that Blair always plays his best against top competition. People seem to forget that Blair pretty much outplayed Thabeet last year (13 points/13 rebounds/3 steals to Thabeet's (6 points/7 rebounds/5 blocks).

Should be a good one.