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We're Number One (Again)

Pitt rose to the #1 spot in both polls again after defeating UConn last Monday and losses by Oklahoma and North Carolina over the weekend. I didn't expect Pitt to be the unanimous choice, but I have to say I was a bit shocked to see UConn garner #1 votes. I figured if anyone did, it would be Oklahoma.

Of course, the ranking at the end of the NCAA tournament is what matters more.

Pitt will be No. 1 again when the national polls are released today, but don't expect a Super Bowl-like celebration on the Oakland campus. It was a big deal when it happened in early January for the first time in school history. The first time in anything is always terrific. But it doesn't seem quite so important now even if it still is a tremendous accomplishment.

Pitt has bigger plans.

It wants to be No. 1 on April 6, the night the confetti falls from the Ford Field rafters in Detroit and "One Shining Moment" is played after the national championship game.

Even though the talk of just reaching the Final Four has seemingly been passed up by the "National Championship or Bust" mentality, you'd have to think a Final Four trip would make the season at least a small success.