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Back....and Back in the Sweet 16

After an uncharacteristically long layoff, back just in time for Pitt's Sweet 16 appearance.

The first two games have no doubt given some fans some causes for heart attacks. I certainly understand the feelings of nervousness on the Xavier game based on losses to Pacific, OK St., etc.


Pitt is a team that usually plays down or up to its competition. I think they felt they could skate a little bit with the first two teams. With Xavier beating Memphis earlier, I think they'll be ready.

The biggest factor, though, is that I think they're sick of hearing about not being able to get past the Sweet 16. I think they'll come out hungry and the week to reflect on their two close games will be enough to wake them up a bit. I expect them to actually win this game easier than the first two.

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if they lost the game Vs. Nova or Duke. Pitt actually matches up well with Duke, but either team could certainly shock them.

We will see.