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Levance's Legacy

Ron Cook of the Post-Gazette had a solid article about Levance Fields and the PG position as a whole for Pitt basketball over the last few years. He also says something I firmly believe in - Brandin Knight jump-started this latest Pitt basketball era and should have his number retired:

They should hang Brandin Knight's No. 20 jersey in the Petersen Events Center rafters. This Golden Era of Pitt basketball? It started with him. He was the first to buy what new coach Ben Howland was selling. A team-first philosophy. Hard-nosed man-to-man defense. A mental and physical toughness. Knight bought all of it. The rest is ...

Well, you know.

Does he have the numbers that many players who have their jerseys retired do? Probably not. But he was the reason Pitt turned into a national contender virtually overnight. Now that the run has continued for nearly ten years, it's time to recognize him - in my humble opinion.

I think Pitt will really miss him next year. The starting PG will in all likelihood be one of (or a combination of) the following:

- Travon Woodall: Redshirt freshman who got very little experience this year.
- Ashton Gibbs: More of a shooting guard than a point guard - if he assumes the duties, his scoring opportunities will probably take a hit.
- Brad Wanamaker: More comfortable with the ball and the 'veteran' of the three. However, like Gibbs, more of a shooting guard.

Whoever gets the nod for 2009-10 is likely warming the spot for PG of the future, Isiah Epps, who after verbally committing to Pitt, said that he was told he would start as a freshman.

Pitt has been fortunate with great point guards, but the spot will probably take a minor hit next year.