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Men's Hoops Team Likely to Fall

After a somewhat disturbing 8-point loss to Providence on Tuesday, the men's team is likely to fall from its #1 perch, even after winning 89-78 last night at Seton Hall.Sam Young came up in a big way scoring 29 points in a game where Pitt fans held their breaths as DeJuan Blair injured his knee.

While I didn't EXPECT a loss, I thought that with two tough games coming up that a loss to EITHER Providence or Seton Hall was certainly possible due to looking ahead. In Bob Smizik's PG blog, Ashton Gibbs pretty much said as much.

Pitt will now have to rebound a bit to maintain its #1 Tournament seed. Should Pitt win both home games against Marquette and UCONN, I think a #1 seed is likely - regardless of how they win in the tournament. If they happen to drop one of those, anything is possible...especially with Memphis now looming as a possibility.

Regarding the polls, I don't think Pitt will fall any further than 4th this week. Heck, with a loss by #3 Oklahoma last Monday, they might only fall to 2nd and flip-flop with UCONN - potentially setting up a #1 Vs. #2 matchup next weekend at the Pete. Fortunately, I'll be there for that one.