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Shooting for Sellouts

The goal set by Steve Pederson is clear - sell out every game every year.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but without a Heisman candidate in Shady, it's tough to place a finger on what is the selling point for next year. Baldwin? Maybe, but he wasn't utilized enough due to a shaky passing game. A bowl win to make a 10-win season would have been huge, but...never mind.

Pederson, to me, seems a bit delusional

"There's 'real' momentum and, obviously, an excellent team," Pederson said. "I kind of view this as an opportunity to see a bunch of new, young stars step up. In some ways, it's even more intriguing to see who the new stars are going to be. ... That's what's exciting."

Momentum? Of all words to use - that's certainly not one of them after the 3-0 debacle.

Not sure about this, but I'm thinking people may have to purchase tickets to additional games to land the Notre Dame game - the lone strong non-conference game. With no WVU game, they're fortunate they have that one to fall back on. Other than the Notre Dame contest, it's hard to imagine any other sellouts (barring something crazy like an 8-0 start).

And despite the fact that Cincinnati won the Big East title last year, that may still be a tough sell...and that's likely the strongest conference game.

Still, you've got to like the fact that Pederson shoots so high. Even better is the fact that tickets per game are actually cheaper than last year.