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Is it Sinking in Yet?

Not sure. But one thing is clear - McKillop is now a Pro, having signed a contract a while back.

Scott always seemed well grounded, but this still struck me a bit:

Scott McKillop isn't ready to splurge.

"I bought a computer, but that's about it so far," said the former Pitt and Kiski Area star linebacker. "I'm not getting a car or anything like that. I am going to invest it in the bank."

Maybe it's just me...maybe the 'splurging' will come. But that's pretty disciplined - not even buying a car? I wonder how long that will last. Good for him - it seems like he's headed in the right direction.

I'm extremely curious to see what kind of pro he'll make. I think he'll be a solid 8-12 year player in the NFL, barring injury. Don't think he'll turn into a star, but then again, he proved everyone wrong on the college level.