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McCoy and Watters

Despite not being a first-round pick, McCoy is getting a lot of attention.

One guy he's been compared to, Ricky Watters, speaks out about him on

"LeSean has kind of renewed my interest in the game," said Watters, who donned an Eagles uniform from 1995 to 1997. "Everyone was talking about him. My cousins were saying, 'You have to check him out. You have to watch him, he is showing some of the moves that you had.' They know that always gets me excited because even more than teams, I am more about the players."

A second-team All-America selection in 2008, McCoy amassed 3,365 total yards from scrimmage and 36 total touchdowns in his two-year career at the University of Pittsburgh. He averaged 4.8 yards per carry in each of his two seasons, becoming just the third player in school history to achieve multiple 1,000-yard rushing campaigns.

"I was trying my best to see every game he played at Pitt," said Watters, who currently makes his home in Orlando, Florida. "It's been great watching him play."

Meanwhile, Brian Bennett's blog Big East polls had a mild Pittsburgh flavor as fans thought Pitt would have the best defense in the league next year (tied with West Virginia) and that between McCoy and Donald Brown of UCONN, McCoy would be the harder player to replace.