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More Trouble

The off-field issues continued with linebacker Adam Gunn drawing a suspension.

According to several sources, Gunn and former Pitt linebacker Austin Ransom knew the bouncers at the nightclub and jumped to the front of the line. When several people objected, a minor scuffle broke out and police quickly jumped in. Ransom allegedly punched one of the officers, and a Taser was used on Gunn, who was intoxicated and did not leave the scene in a timely manner.

Tasered? The article, mentioned that former Pitt player Austin Ransom threw a punch, but did not say that Gunn was physical. You'd almost think he would have had to be if he got tasered, but apparently not.

Look. I'm not going to shout gloom and doom, but in a year when Pitt could have trouble selling tickets, these off-field issues can't help their public relations. They're early enough in the year when they may be forgotten about by the Fall, but not a good thing...especially when two players such as Baldwin and Gunn are expected to be a big part of the team this year.

Seems like more trouble than normal this year...even Joe Pa thinks Pitt needs to reign in their players.

Gunn's hearing is set for May 21st.