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TE Gets a Boost for 2010

Former Virginia Cavalier TE Andrew Devlin made it official - transferring to the University of Pittsburgh. He was moved to DE after a season at TE in which he had only three catches for 22 yards.

Unlike some other transfers, it sounds like he didn't have a problem with the school ...just it's system:

"I want to stress that I really liked my time at Virginia," Devlin said. "I loved my coaches. My teammates were great. But I couldn't be unhappy on the football field for three more years. Virginia runs the 3-4 [defense]. The two defensive ends who played last year were 290 and 285 pounds. I was playing a full 30 pounds lighter at the position. If you're light and you're going up against 330-pound tackles, it's not good.

"They tried to find a place for me to fit in, but I wanted to be happy playing football. I probably wouldn't have seen the field next season because of my weight. It didn't bother me to transfer because if I went somewhere else, I'd be sitting out anyway."

Hopefully things will be for the best for him. With the main TE's graduating, he should get quite a bit of playing time in 2010.

Devlin was previously a three-star recruit as ranked by Rivals.